What We Do

Fun + emotion + freedom. This is a simple formula present in every drop of fuel consumed on a motorcycle. We know this because we breathe and live bikes, trails and speed. We know the anxiety that accompanies the rite of putting on the equipment, the euphoria of meeting friends to get on the trail or burn asphalt. We know the pain and the ecstasy of facing holes, mud, hillsides, descents and falls. And we are passionate about what we do!

By knowing this and knowing what the bike represents for those on it, we produce more than carbon fiber parts. We materialize in our parts all that we feel and live in the trails, paths and roads that we pass ourselves on our bikes, and we make each one of these pieces as if it were for ourselves, exclusively and seeking the best in each one.

Carbonex carbon fiber guards are 100% handmade in Brazil, using some of the greatest feedstock available in the market.

Innovation and Technology

Carbon Fiber is a synthetic fiber made from the extraction of chemical elements through superheating (pyrolysis) of carbon-rich material, which can be a polymer (more commonly used today - PAN polyacrylonitrile) or also many organic materials found in nature, where the choice of this material is made according to the amount of the chemical element present in each source. After this process we carry out the stretching of the polymers, and then the oxidation which extracts the hydrogen and adds oxygen. The fibers are woven into yarns 5 to 10 micrometers in diameter, which are then joined together to form carbon fiber threads (most common: 1k, 3k, 6k, 12k, 24k and 50k), Which will give rise to the most diverse types of materials found in the market. The material used in Carbonex is the Plain fabric, with 200 g/m², 3k.

Its main application is the manufacture of compounds with thermosetting polymers - in most cases. The polymer is generally epoxy resin of the thermoset type, but may also be associated with other polymers, such as polyester or vinyl ester. At Carbonex we use high performance Epoxy Resins, which make our guards very resistant.

We use the vacuum infusion production process, which is a technology widely used in large marine, aerospace and wind power industries. This process allows us to ensure the correct relationship between fiber + resin, and the result is surprising: lighter and stronger guards!


Carbonex is concerned about the environment, and that is why all waste generated in the production process is properly destined to companies specialized in the treatment and final disposal of waste, following the requirements of the current environmental legislation.

Vison, Mission and Values

Vision: be a reference in the market for handmade parts and protectors made from carbon fiber.

Mission: manufacture parts and protectors in carbon fiber, with protective, substitutive or aesthetic function.

Values: produce with a focus on environmental responsibility, seeking to exceed all expectations of the final consumer.

Our Tracks, Our Roads

"What drives us to do this 'madness', are the emotions that bikes brings us. Even knowing that we will suffer, that we will have to overcome obstacles with a lot of pain, push the bikes in places of great difficulty and that we will be completely exhausted… Even knowing all of this, the ecstasy and the sense of mission accomplished overcome all this and make every drop of sweat count! Winning and overcoming challenges sums up what keeps us moving in this sport."

Speed, gasoline, 2-stroke oil, mud, asphalt, pain, ecstasy... All of this is in CARBONEX's blood and memories. Sons of an artist and a professional motorcycle rider, these guys know very well how it is like to be on two wheels amid trails and roads. Their father, pilot, mechanic, engineer, a “jack of all trades”, knew everything and lived it all on two wheels. It was so intense and wonderful, that he had to ride in other roads, up there in the sky, before teaching the boys his swift craft.

But it was not necessary, for it was all there, kept in their blood, in their skin and in their souls. They grew up amidst 2-stroke oil smoke, and after a lot of road, mud and trails, got together and created CARBONEX.


At Carbonex we produce each piece as if it were unique. A meticulous job, performed by detailing professionals in an industrial process, but handcrafted with attention to every detail. From the construction of the mold to the final artwork of the piece, we manage each product as a work of art. In the end, we ask ourselves: would we put this part on our bike? Yes, we would. The finish, strength and beauty of the products attest to this.

Carbonex Carbon FIber, LLC

If you have any question, suggestion or complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can get in touch by our Brazilian local number by WhatsApp or iMessage, or just fill out this form.